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“The Life of Art” Cartoon Quotes Inspired By Kurt Vonnegut


Kurt Vonnegut, is a 20th-century American writer known for his humanist beliefs. Reading motivating quotes like his really makes someone’s day brighter and more positive. Fortunately, an exceptional artist named Gavin Aung Than thought of a website inspired by quotes from famous people that are adapted to cartoons.


“I was working in the boring corporate graphic design industry for 8 years before finally quitting at the end of 2011 to pursue my passion for illustration and cartooning. At my old job, when my boss wasn’t looking, I would waste time reading Wikipedia pages, mainly biographies about people whose lives where a lot more interesting than mine.”, artist says.


“Their stories and quotes eventually inspired me to leave my job to focus on what I really wanted to do. The idea of taking these inspiring quotes, combining them with my love of drawing and sharing them with others led to the creation of Zen Pencils.”, he added.


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