Origami Aluminum Lamps Project Feathers And Antlers When Illuminated – Design You Trust

Origami Aluminum Lamps Project Feathers And Antlers When Illuminated

When Tel Aviv-based designer Chen Bikovski was growing up she was fascinated by pop-up books, especially engaged with the immersive experience that came with the turn of each page. Interested in transforming this idea to work with her design practice, Bikovski founded Popup Lighting, a series of lamps that turn into magical creatures like deer and peacocks when illuminated.

More info: Popup Lighting (h/t: designfetish)

Bikovski’s fixtures seem like minimal aluminum sculptures until their light is switched on—the origami-like works suddenly appearing as deer or peacocks. Streams of light behind the lamps create the effect of horns and feathers, subtly casting patterns that make each work come alive.

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