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This Handmade Belly Fat Coffee Mug


What better way to enjoy your morning coffee than from a mug that makes fun of your belly fat? You can also use it for tea, hot chocolate, milk, or your failed dreams to start exercising and eating healthy.

More: Etsy, Amazon h/t: sadanduseless


Please not: this mug is not safe to be used in microwave, but is dishwasher safe. It’s made from high quality ceramic, which makes the mug impact resistant and durable. Size: 4.72 inches wide X 3.54 inches X 3.35 inches tall, holds 10 oz of liquid. For those who don’t understand freedom units of measurement: 12 cm wide X 9 cm X 8.5 cm tall, holds 300 ml of liquid.


As you can see from the photos, this beautiful mug not only has a jiggly belly fat, but also a red butt. Probably to remind you of countless hours you spend sitting on your ass in front of a computer. Honestly, why would you want a regular boring mug, when you can have a mug that insults you in so many creative ways?


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