The Beautiful Buenos Aires Bookstore Inside A 100-Year-Old Theatre

Image: Ryan Poole

Situated at 1860 Santa Fe Avenue in Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires, you will find one of the most stunning bookstores in the world. Named by The Guardian as the second most beautiful bookshop in the world in 2008, El Ateneo Grand Splendid is one of the best known bookshops in Argentina.

h/t: twistedsifter

Image: Nan Palmero

Designed by the architects Peró and Torres Armengol, with ceiling frescoes painted by Nazareno Orlandi and support columns sculpted by Troiano Troiani, the grand theatre first opened in May 1919 with a seating capacity of 1,050.

Image: David

In the late 1920s it was converted into a movie theatre and then retrofitted into a flagship bookstore in the year 2000.

Image: Diego Mala

Image: Violinha

Image: Céline

Image: Kara Brugman

Image: Jorge Láscar

Image: Nico Kaiser

Image: Liam Quinn

Image: Stanley Wood

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