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Clean Portraits Of Tiny Pups In Big Places

Minimal Pup is an account created on Instagram by dog lovers who also accept posts from other pet owners provided that they involve photos of the animals with the proposed aesthetics. It is a kind of idea that deserves to be followed and appreciated.

More info: Instagram (h/t: photogrist)

Anyone who loves dogs and understands them has definitely heard of Minimal Pup and this Instagram account. It is an ode to all the dogs and their lovers with some amazing photos that capture the beauty and simplistic nature of this loyal animal.

Dogs are loyal animals who really do not ask for a lot from their owners. All they look for is a little bit of love, food, shelter and attention and in exchange for that, they give you a lifetime of love and security. Today, there are a lot of accounts on social media that are dedicated to celebrating the zest of a dog and appreciating it for all the simplest happiness that it lends to a person’s life. One such account is Minimal Pup on the Instagram. It is composed of clean portraits related to the canine genre and demonstrates puppies in larger-than-life settings.

The most irresistible thing about Minimal Pup is that it takes this idea home and captures this thought and conveys it in the most beautiful manner ever. The popularity of Minimal Pup on Instagram rightly shows the love people have for this account and all the portraits that seem to speak to their viewers across the globe.

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