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DIY Paper Animal Lamps Turn Your Boring Room Into A Jungle

OWL Paperlamps started last year as a fun project to bring wild and original creatures into our homes. We were inspired by the origami art of creating paper figures, but we were looking for more than just another animal figuration. We were seeking true liveliness in our creations. So it was clear from the start that our concept had to combine light with larger scaled paper models.

More info: OWL Paperlamps, Etsy, Facebook (h/t: demilked)

Each paper lamp design presents individual features enhanced by the animal’s movement and position. Glowing in the dark is the ultimate effect to bring out each creature’s liveliness. A variety of colors was carefully selected to create unique ambiances when the light is turned on. In our collection, we have the Night Owl, the Parrot, the Emperor Penguin, the Small Penguin, the Tortoise and the Barn Owl.

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