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“My Surreal Hong Kong”: Superb Photo Manipulations With A Twist By Tommy Fung

Hong Kong through Tommy Fung‘s eyes is much more fun and exciting than to the typical observer. He masterfully plays with buildings, people, transport and nature in a surrealistic way that reimagines the Asian city as a creation of his imagination.

Upon return to his native Hong Kong, this Venezuela-raised graphic designer and photographer noticed that people seem oddly unhappy and anxious, so he decided to inject a little bit of light humor into the complex and dynamic life of Hong Kong and present it from another perspective. Fung, who goes by the nickname SurrealHK on social media, tells jokes with his whimsical images and often appears as a subject in his own work. He also uses his artwork and influence on Instagram to draw attention to environmental problems, such as marine pollution, social issues and critique local politics. But foremost, he helps the world to discover the beauty and diversity of Hong Kong while encouraging locals to reinvent things that they’ve already become desensitized to.

Once he develops an idea in his mind, he photographs and edits the bend-minding images himself. Each image is composed of two or three pieces and takes at least six hours to edit.

Scroll through his gallery to get a fresh and playful perspective on Hong Kong.

More: Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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