“Say No More”: We Can’t Quite See McDonald’s Latest Campaign, But We’re Lovin’ It

Don’t worry, you’re not losing your sight. And there’s nothing wrong with your screen, either. These McDonald’s adverts currently on display in Puerto Rico are deliberately blurry. However, we bet you know exactly which fast food items they’re advertising.

Rather than playing it safe to ensure that passers-by remember that McDonald’s exists (as if they could possibly forget), this quietly confident campaign from local agency TBWA\San Juan has some fun with the strength of McDonald’s brand.

Titled ‘Say No More’, this campaign knows that the Golden Arches’ red and yellow colour scheme, and its products, speak for themselves. It relies on just a vague approximation of its food to whet people’s appetites, and really, what more do you need? Depending on your viewpoint, this is either a testament to the success of the brand, or a worrying comment on consumer habits. Or a bit of both.

h/t: creativebloq

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