Self-Taught Sculptor Creates Incredible Realistic Sculptures And Dreams Of Becoming The Modern Michelangelo – Design You Trust

Self-Taught Sculptor Creates Incredible Realistic Sculptures And Dreams Of Becoming The Modern Michelangelo

Jago Jacopo Cardillo, 30, is an incredible self-taught sculptor from Italy who transforms marble and stone into intricate lifelike pieces and has won over thousands of people due to his talent.

Since he was a child, Jacopo was fascinated with one of the greats, Michelangelo, and dreamed of becoming a modern-day equivalent of the sculptor. And he’s for sure going in the right direction. His sculptures are extremely detailed and precise, the artist manages to create pieces that look not only realistic in shapes, bus also light and flowy.

More info: Jago Jacopo Cardillo, Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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