Confectioner Makes Creepy Desserts, And It Will Take Courage To Cut Into Them – Design You Trust

Confectioner Makes Creepy Desserts, And It Will Take Courage To Cut Into Them

Andrew Fuller is an American “cake artist first and baker second,” as he says himself, based in Des Moines, Iowa, who is a true horror fan and you can clearly see this in his works. Artist sculpts terrifying cakes that would probably make you think twice before eating them.

Working under the name of Guy Meets Cake, Andrew is growing his fan base by creating custom artworks that don‘t look like desserts at the first glance. Bleeding eyes, old teeth, fresh hearts, and juicy spiders isn’t something that people decide to try immediately. But we‘re sure they‘re amazing!

Some of this artist‘s works, such as stacked teeth cake which was created together with Michelle Honeman, is a collaboration with other cake sculptors.

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