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A Beautiful Lamp That Looks Just Like A Hardcover Book


We’ve got a bit of an obsession with quirky lighting here at LAEM, so we were kind of blown away when we caught sight of Lumio. The light was created by Jakarta-born, San Francisco-based designer Max Gunawan, and has won more than half a dozen awards since its creation.


The lamp looks like a regular hardcover book, but unfold it and it lights up. You can leave it as an unfolded book on your desk, fix it to the ceiling, add it as a wall sconce — the possibilities are endless.


Lumio also has cordless capabilities, so you can take it anywhere you need lighting.


The new Mini Lumio also comes with an embedded micro-USB charger for your smartphone and an interchangeable magnetic spine cover.

h/t: fubiz, lostateminor

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