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Brzilian Street Artist Goes Viral After Using Trees As ‘Hair’ For His Women’s Portraits

Urbanism and nature seem like contradictory things, but this is not always the case. Sometimes if one’s imagination can allow, the two can be combined just like bread and butter, forming a collaboration that creates something really special and unique.

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Works by a certain artist in Goiânia, Brazil, are becoming more and more known worldwide. Artist Fábio Gomes Trindade makes street art that can leave one speechless upon seeing it. Why, you might ask? Fábio is well known for his art on the walls which depicts amazingly detailed portraits of women and children wearing the branches of trees and bushes as “hair.” His work quickly overtook social media all over Brazil and is now spreading all around the world.

Oscar-winner Viola Davis re-posted one of the images depicting Fábio’s art on her social media and said she “loved it.” The mother of singer Beyoncé, who has more than three million followers, was also equally impressed and said it was: “a beautiful way to use a tree.”

The artist Fábio Gomes makes paintings under the leaves of trees, giving the impression of it being the hair of the women and children he portrayed. On his Instagram, the artist said that he was overtaken by inspiration the moment he saw an acerola tree planted 20 years ago in the backyard of a humble house in the city, and now, the said tree also is part of the artist’s best-known work.

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