Innovative Typographic Graffiti Casts Shadows That Change All Day


Although certainly and notably destructive at times, graffiti has equal power to embolden and beautify a city, rather than smear or disfigure it. Such inherently colorful work doesn’t always have to be a rushed tag for unsavory reasons. In truth, graffiti isn’t all that far off from mural work in nature or, in graffiti artist Daku’s latest piece, bounces closer to a typographic art installation.

More info: St+art India (h/t: visualnews, booooooom)


You’ll find the innovative work in the Lodhi Colony of New Delhi. In “Time Changes Everything,” the letters connect perpendicularly to a building’s facade to face the sidewalk, which allows a sundial quality to evolve the typography throughout the day. It’s a pretty intriguing use of shadows—and the graffiti medium.


Little is known about Daku, however, though the artist’s work is appreciated as social commentary street art. It’s hard to dispute it’s value, even though the pseudonym itself, “daku” means bandit in Hindi.


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