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Artist Constructs Impressive Robot Costumes And Wears Them On The Streets Of New York

When it comes to robots, probably the first image that pops into our heads is from the American science fiction action films called ‘Transformers’. These robots played a huge part in our childhood as we were all curious to know how a simple car could transform into a giant robot. Moreover, these things could talk!

Peter Kokis is a Brooklyn-based artist that actually makes robots. Or more correctly, he turns himself into robots. He makes them out of 100 percent recycled materials – in a lot of cases salvaged from the trash. He likes to build these 170-pound costumes on his kitchen table, inspired by Transformers characters. He said that one piece from “The Terminator” took him about 30 hours of direct construction, and the entire robot takes about 500 hours!

“I look at the shape of objects and see their potential to portray something,” he said. “Virtually everything can be changed to suit my needs: re-shaped, cut-down, painted… altered in my ‘foundry’, to be seen as something else.”

After the robot is made, he wears the futuristic design in public around the New York City area. Curious to see how it looks?

We have a whole bunch of pictures for you!

More: Brooklyn Robot Works, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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