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Artist Carves Tiny Birds Under A Microscope To Make The Outside World Disappear

According to Marie Cohydon: “I have always created art in my childhood, however, my passion grew even more in my adolescene. I am a self-taught artist. I started sculpting 13 years ago and what interests me the most is the focus on tiny things because under my microsope the outside world disappears. I do not even see my fingers! Tools such as sewing or acupuncture needles become giant objects.

This work offers me the opportunity to surpass myself and I am always sure that when I start a new sculpture, I will not be disappointed. I often need to start it all over again 10 or even 20 times.

Painting on a bird’s head that measures 4 times less than 1 mm is a challenge that often requires even more work than carving with the scalpel. Sometimes, I can get stuck with a single small detail for 1 or 2 weeks (an eye or a beak). Apart from the birds that I adore a lot, I also make tiny 1 mm houses placed on pinheads, funny friendly scenes, some graphite pencils with objects of 1 or 2 mm.

All these pictures have been taken with a special camera magnifier. The photographed pencil leads are 5 mm high and 2 mm wide.”

More: Marie Cohydon h/t: boredpanda

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