You’ll Want To Be Seen With One Of These Starbucks Coffee Cups


Unlike millions of people who toss away their used Starbucks cups each day, 20-year-old artist Carrah Aldridge sees them as the perfect canvas to express herself. Armed with a white gel pen, trusty Sharpie and colour pens she spends hours turning the iconic paper cups into unique and eye-catching artworks.


“I got my inspiration from an artist by the name of Kristina Webb who drew on a cup and then I decided to try it out myself. To say the least, it turned out to be one of my favourite things to do and now I have a little collection growing”, said Carrah to Bored Panda.


She creates individual designs for each cup, letting her imagination run wild without any preconceived ideas of what she’s about to draw. Sometimes she’ll conjure up complex geometric patterns other times sweeping floral patterns. After she’s done she re-purposes the cups, using them to house her pens, scissors and paper clips.


Via So Bad So Good, Bored Panda

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