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Artist Gustavo Viselner Makes Pixel Art Game Scenes Based On Popular TV Series And Movies

Tel Aviv-based artist Gustavo Viselner has turned some of the most recognizable movie characters, quotes and sequences into a pixelated 8-bit poster series. Each of the horizontal compositions illustrates a famous frame from a pop culture classic, accompanied by a memorable line from the scene written across the bottom of the graphic.

“Illustration is my life since I can remember myself. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in Israel. Spent 4 years studying animation in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and in the School of Visual Arts in New York city. These days I work as a freelance web designer, illustrator and animator. My inspiration comes from artists like Edward Hopper, Gipi, Dave Gibons, Mary Blair and the UPA studios,” he says.

More info: Instagram, Facebook, Behance, Shop (h/t: designboom)

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