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Life, Death And Dreams: The Beautiful And Fashionable Art Of Shikimi

A Tokyo-based illustrator with a broad fan base, Shikimi combines a refined sensibility for fashion and design, an ability to create striking compositions, and an an eye for detail and aesthetic balance, resulting in exquisite and detailed tableaus centered on characters.

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The patterns in the beautiful clothing and the objects chosen in each composition are often imbued with symbolism, maintaining the viewer’s interest well beyond the first glance. Although mainly engaged with the visual culture and literature of Japan, Shikimi also draws inspiration from other parts of Asia, Europe and beyond. The illustrations often address the delicate balance between life and death, fantasy and reality.

In addition to collaboration with fashion brands, Shikimi also contributes artwork for Vocaloid producers and other musicians for their promotional videos, and designs tickets and goods for various performances and events.

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