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These Students Understood The Assignment When Their Teacher Asked Them To Make Hats To Prevent Them From Cheating During Their Exams


The biggest enemy of every teacher isn’t the tardy student, the loud knucklehead, or the stale apple, but rather the act of dishonesty and unfairness in order to gain an advantage, otherwise known as cheating. They try everything in their capacity to stop this heinous crime from happening, and one teacher takes the cake for creativity.

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Professor Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz, a mechanical engineering instructor at the Bicol University College of Engineering, Philippines, stumbled upon an interesting idea on Facebook—a post looking back on a practice from 2013 at a University in Bangkok, Thailand—a couple of days before her students were to have their engineering and computing exams.


Say it with me now: anti-cheating hats! Two days before the exams, she asked the students to prepare a simple headpiece to shield their view from other students’ work and, thus, prevent them from cheating. The students obliged, constructing the hats from materials found at home, such as cardboard, egg cartons, and other items, going above and beyond what was expected.


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