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Singaporean Artist Has Been Drawing Comics To Inspire And Uplift People In The Time Of The COVID-19 Situation

While some responded to the COVID-19 situation with dread and panic, artist Josef Lee chose to keep calm and carry on making art. Specifically, art to uplift the public and inspire people to love their neighbours in this time of gloom.

Since the virus started spreading worldwide, Lee has created and shared 11 illustrations on the COVID-19 situation on his Instagram and the encouraging images have been shared virtually.

According to an artist: “I am a picture-book author and artist from Singapore and have always been expressing my views on social issues and sharing positive messages through my comics and artwork.

In late Jan 2020, the coronavirus started to spread and developed very rapidly and Singapore is faced with new social issues almost every other day (from the panic buying of masks to food hoarding to littering of used masks, etc.) So I started creating artworks and comics as a fast way to express my thoughts on these issues.

The first piece I did was actually a “logo” created using the Chinese characters of Wuhan and incorporating a blue ribbon, along with the hashtag #PrayForWuhan. That was done on 30 January after I was saddened by days of bad news about how the virus is spreading rapidly in China. I did the piece hoping to spread some positivity and rally support for Wuhan in their fight against the virus. Very soon, that developed into a series of artworks and comics which I shared online every 2 – 3 days.”

More: Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda, a-list

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