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“The Book Of Bunny Suicides”: Hilariously Dark Cartoon Series By Andy Riley

Featured below are some of the best examples from Andy Riley’s hilariously dark and twisted cartoon series about bunnies that are tirelessly trying to kill themselves. In case you’re easily offended, you probably shouldn’t scroll down. Everyone else – enjoy!

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Andy Riley is an Emmy-winning scriptwriter, cartoonist and children’s author from Britain. He has created a series of best-selling cartoon books:

The Book of Bunny Suicides , Return Of The Bunny Suicides, Great Lies To Tell Small Kids, Loads More Lies To Tell Small Kids, D.I.Y. Dentistry, Selfish Pigs, Dawn of the Bunny Suicides, Wine Makes Mummy Clever and Beer Makes Daddy Strong.

His King Flashypants children’s books are aimed at 5-8 year-olds. The first three books in the series are King Flashypants and the Evil Emperor, King Flashypants and the Creature from Crong, and King Flashypants and the Toys of Terror.

He drew a weekly strip cartoon for The Observer Magazine called Roasted, which is also collected in hardback edition. So far his books have sold around one and a half million copies and have been published in eighteen countries, producing calendar, greetings card and poster spin-offs.

Andy is an experienced public speaker, and often appears at book festivals and schools to talk about King Flashypants and draw cartoons live. He occasionally appears on podcasts such as Iszi Lawrence’s Z List Dead List.

Andy is originally from Aylesbury but now lives in London. He used to be the stage dancer for The Pod, Julian Barratt’s comedy techno band which was the forerunner of The Mighty Boosh.

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