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This Art Collective Creates Concepts That Have Emerged From The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus is changing our relation to each other and affecting our perception of reality. This virus is very democratic: it spreads over the borders, has no preference for gender, social, cultural, or economic status.

In this time of lockdown, Plastique Fantastique, a Germany-based design collective, wonder about the mutation of our social life and the effects of the deprivation of physical touch.

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Starting from April 27th 2020, it is mandatory to cover mouth and nose in public transports in Berlin. The iSphere is an open-source project that everybody can produce, develop and improve.

They taped 2 transparent hollow hemispheres together and cut a hole that fits our heads (please refer to our tutorial) Additional gadgets can give a unique touch to any iSphere: it can have a sunshade, a mirrored layer, an integrated microphone, a speaker, or a snorkel.

The iconic design is inspired by the science fiction comics of the 50s and the creations of the utopian movements of the 60s.

The iSphere is a funny and serious object that stimulates how to approach this exceptional situation.

Plastique Fantastique, known for eye-popping inflated installations, has created a PPS (personal protective space) for healthcare workers that can be swiftly deployed to a wide array of environments.

As Plastique Fantastique explained, this “pneumatic space where doctors can treat patients in transparent protective space.

It has constant overpressure, which means, the air flows only toward [the] outside of the space, not letting the virus coming inside. The clean air supply is guaranteed by a ventilator located outside or in an extra decontaminated space.”

The bubbly blow-up Care Units, made from transparent polyurethane, can be attached to each to form larger contiguous spaces, and are accessed through special airlock chambers that maintain air pressure and provides medical workers with a space to prepare and disinfect before entering.

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