How Cool Are These Beer Cans That Show The Pantone Color Of The Brew Inside? – Design You Trust

How Cool Are These Beer Cans That Show The Pantone Color Of The Brew Inside?

Spanish designer Txaber has managed not only to simplify but also to transform otherwise illustrative beer bottle and can packaging down to a minimal, perfectly recognizable label.

Using the oh so famous and beloved Pantone color-coding system, Txaber has matched the hue of each brew with an assigned Pantone number. So, for instance, Pale Ale with 604 C and Imperial Stout with 426 C.

By doing exactly so, each vessel, can or bottle, becomes an indicator of what’s inside. And, if stacked in a row, or on a shelf, these cans and bottles become a vibrant and animated arrangement one could only dream of – just imagine them in a supermarket.

More info: Txaber

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