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Water-Cleaning Billboard by Shokubutsu HANA

Shokubutsu HANA, a beauty brand that believes in the restorative powers of nature, joins the fight to help bring Pasig River back to life with an ad that does more than just send a message. A water-cleaning billboard was created—the first of its kind. Its design and words make use of Vetiver, a plant capable of absorbing wastewater. It is a billboard made of nature, powered by nature, created to preserve nature.

With the help of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission and Vetiver Farms, the billboard was constructed and placed on the Estero de San Miguel in Manila. Its unique placement enabled it to speak directly to passers-by right when they looked at the waterway.

The brand, along with advertising agency TBWA\ Santiago Mangada Puno are working on more water-cleaning billboards to be implemented acrossother sections of the river to help in its rehabilitation.











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