Deepspot: World’s Deepest Diving Pool Opened in Poland

The deepest swimming pool in the world – the Deepspot in Poland – has now finally opened it’s doors and is greeting divers.

The Deepspot, situated close to Warsaw, Poland, is 45m / 148ft deep and has stolen the crown of deepest pool in the world from the Y-40 Deep Joy, which can be found in the northern Italian town of Montegrotto Terme and is 42m / 138 feet deep.

The impressive facility is a “kindergarten for divers” and the first photos and videos being posted on social media by the first scuba divers and freedivers at the pool are making us green with envy.

More: Deepspot, Instagram h/t: deepblue

Przemyslaw Kacprzak, a 39-year-old diving instructor, could barely contain their excitement: “There are no magnificent fish or coral reefs here so it is no substitute for the sea but it is definitely a good place to learn and to train in order to dive safely in open water.”

Jerzy Nowacki, a 30-year-old forestry officer, and diving novice had this to say: “For my first time, we went down five meters but you can see all the way to the bottom – the wreck, the caves – it’s magnificent!”

The facility also has some impressive tunnels and features including this one that looks like it comes straight out of a Tomb Raider movie:

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