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Ukrainian Artist Continues To Remove Makeup From Dolls To Repaint Them In A Very Realistic Way

The unrealistic portrayal of dolls and their effect on the female self-image is a persistent discussion surrounding the kids’ toys industry. Dolls for girls were, and in most cases still are, an ideal of proportional body shape and beauty, which has been influencing girls around the world from a very young age. This perfectly symmetrical and flawless image has become an aspiration, though it‘s far from realistic. This is why we are thankful for artists who think of the box and contribute to a change by carrying the message of individual and unique beauty.

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Ukrainian artist Olga Kamenetskaya specializing in doll repainting and modification, takes what‘s considered ‘perfect’ and gives it a realistic makeover which results in gorgeous, one-of-a-kind creations. What has started as a hobby of repainted dolls from Monster High, has turned into a career which is now admired by almost 70K+ people on Instagram.

Every popular doll you can think of: Barbie, Blythe, BJD, you name it, turns into extremely realistic dolls and foremost, unique works of art. All the fine details, such as little features, imperfections, body shapes, realistic wigs, add charisma to lifeless, mass-produced toys and are definitely what makes her life-like dolls stand out.

It is safe to say that dolls look much better after the dramatic makeup has been stripped off, and it goes to show the so-called ‘flaws’ are what actually makes us beautiful.

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