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This New Office Cabin Is Called “Studypod” And You Can Place It In Your Backyard

With this whole health crisis going on in the world, the number of people working from home is rapidly increasing. But here’s the thing—spending that much time at home can sometimes drive people a bit crazy.

Luckily, this Norwegian design studio Livit came up with an innovative idea to help those working from home spend more time close to nature. This company created a detached office cabin that allows people to isolate and work close to nature without leaving their houses.

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“Science shows that being surrounded by plants, trees, and nature improves mental health, productivity, and learning abilities. This is why Studypod is designed to be placed in your garden, in the forest, or any inspiring environment. With one large window in the front, it’s like working outside while being sheltered,” Livit writes on their webpage.

In fact, you can buy it either with or without the detachable desk so you can use the Studypod not only for working but for other purposes too. “Home office, Yoga studio, hobby room, extra bedroom. With the detachable desk comes new opportunities,” claims the company.

The Studypod is quite tiny, at only 38 square feet. Despite how small it is, the company claims, the cabin can fit a king-size bed, so you can easily turn it into a detached guest room.

“Our goal at Livit is to create amazing experiences for people, and the ‘Studypod’ is something we think can truly add value to people’s everyday lives by giving them breathing space without distractions, where they can focus and get close to nature,” designer Torstein Aa told Business Insider.

The price starts at $13,500

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