Japanese Artist Makes Bento Boxes With Popular Anime Characters

If you ever feel like your plate doesn’t spark joy, and let’s be honest, it happens more often than we’d like to admit, you may wanna get yourself inspired by this Japanese food art. Also known as kyaraben, it features fun and super kawaii food assembled in elaborate styles and compositions.

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

Japanese food artist Kaseifu Mudazono makes incredibly detailed bento boxes and what’s even better is that she adds popular anime characters to them! We invite you to scroll down and see some of the popular characters from different anime such as Demon Slayer, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Jujutsu Kaisen, and more!

“I started creating bento boxes for my child who was in the kindergarten back then. I found myself feeling happy that my child loved the food I made, and when I posted it on my social media, I was overwhelmed by the reaction of my followers, and before I knew it, kyaraben became a hobby of mine. I’ve been making kyaraben for my four children and my husband, but I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll start making kyaraben for my two grandchildren as well!”

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