The EDC Prepper: Paracord Bracelet Survival Kit Equipped With LED Light, Fire Starter, Compass, Knife – Design You Trust

The EDC Prepper: Paracord Bracelet Survival Kit Equipped With LED Light, Fire Starter, Compass, Knife


When the worst happens you need to be ready. This Every Day Carry (EDC) bracelet is a wearable survival and tool kit that is always on you. Inside this paracord strap you will find useful gear such as; a fire starter, cutting blade, LED light, compass, fishing kit, handcuff key and more.


The EDC Prepper outfits you with the ability to lash together limbs to form a shelter/raft, suture a wound, start a fire, patch a torn tent, light your path in the dark, fish, navigate to a rally point, cut thru zipties/rope, escape handcuffs, and signal an alert. Forget pocket dumping a handful when you strap it to your wrist.


Contains: fire steel, paracord, duct tape, LED Light, tinder, needle, luminous compass, ceramic razor blade, whistle, signal mirror, water pure tabs, kevlar saw and snare, fish hook and line.


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