“Do You Feel the Darkness Calling You?”: The Alternative Jewelry by The Russian Metalsmith Kate Snap

Kate Snap is considered one of the best female jewelers in Russia, working in the genre of “alternative jewelry.”

According to Kate: “I got into the jewelry business by chance, when for fun I decided to go to a jewelry workshop. The process of creating a ring and the finished result so impressed me that I immediately decided to learn the craft. By that time I had had enough of studying to be a designer, and the new hobby was able to fill my entire life.”

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“I love the fact that jewelry making combines physics and chemistry while still being a creative profession. It turned out to be the perfect combination for me.”

“I went to study at the same workshop where I took my first master class: the “Jewelry Workshop”. There they taught me everything I know how to do now. My teacher became my husband and we still work together in his workshop. Later I decided to get a profession and graduated from the Carl Fabergé College, but I didn’t get any skills there, just a diploma. I also spent a year at the British Higher School of Design at the “jewellery design” faculty, but I did not receive anything for myself there, except for important contacts.”

“At first I sold a few pieces a month and used the money I earned to buy some silverware and some equipment. I did not promote my brand in any way. People somehow find my Instagram by themselves.”

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