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These Mandalorian Superfans Built Their Own Gigantic Razor Crest Ship in Siberia

If you’ve seen The Mandalorian you know the ship we’re talking about. It’s the ship Mando uses to travel the galaxy with his little green companion, Grogu. These fans loved it so much that they decided to build their own.

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According to Ayaal Fyodorov, one of the project creators, the idea came up last year during confinement due to the pandemic, when he and his four friends had free time.

The ship itself is made from 90% wood materials and is not yet fully complete as of today. It is modeled to be about half the scale of the “real” ship so although not full size, it’s still absolutely Gigantic! So big in fact that you can comfortably walk around inside it. Construction to this point has taken about 45 days and the guys plan to have it 100% completed within the next 2 weeks.

Once the build is complete the guys plan to place the ship a-top a hill in the city in which they live, which is in Yakutsk, Russia. They are hoping to grab some headlines and maybe even the attention of the folks over at Lucasfilm.

Hopefully the guys can get the attention they deserve for this incredible build. I’m just praying *spolier warning* it doesn’t meet the same fate as the real ship. Maybe if the guys can figure out how to make this thing fly Mando can just use their ship from now on? Win-Win.

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