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Hairy Yoga Pants From Orenburg In Russia Have Swept Over The Internet


“Gods gift to men” this is how men usually think of Yoga pants. However, after the Orenburgs hairy Yoga pants, we think this opinion could suddenly change. Many have thought this is a fake product or a parody but in fact you can get it over Ebay where it is sold as “Leggins / pants Longhair 100% Goat Down Russian Cashmere Mohair FETISH men woman”. It’s the latest hit from Orenburg, because who can wear tin Yoga pants on severe cold temperature?

h/t: slavforum


This is why they came up with these hairy Yoga versions, but the thing is, to most it just looks like a women that didn’t shave during winter. Product price starts from $55 so you better get ready for the winter!


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