This Library Attracts The Public By Dressing Up One Librarian’s Cat As Literary And Movie Icons

The Center County Library is a public library (with three different branches) located in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, USA. However, what separates this library from all the others is the fact that it has a very special employee: a cat named Horatio. Every week, Horatio stars in the hashtag #caturday on the establishment’s Instagram, contributing some really wholesome pictures.

More: Center County Library, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

To attract the public and increase the number of readers and consumption of art in general (even if it is those nostalgic films like the “Princess Diary,” “Star Wars,” and so on), social worker and Horatio’s owner Lisa Shaffer turns her cat into iconic Hollywood, historic and pop-culture figures, be it real or fictional characters.

“Horatio lives with me but his cardboard cutout is at our main branch in Bellefonte. He is a sweet and docile cat and he always knows and is interested when I’m crafting a costume for him. He gets treats when we do a ‘photoshoot’ and is quite patient when dressed and sits for the photo. We worked our way up from hats and bowties to shirts to wigs and more elaborate costumes, all of which Horatio wears easily,” Lisa told Bored Panda.

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