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Artist Sorted Famous Characters By Species And It Looks Like They Are Taking A Big Family Photo

According to Linda Bouderbala: “Here comes the second part of my series, in which I classify all these characters with their fellow creatures of the same species as if we were doing a big family photo.

Of course, I couldn’t do this series without doing the dogs and cats! I expected them to be numerous… But not that many! So many, that I even had to arrange them by color.

There are at least 170 cats and 230 dogs, and of course, some are still missing, but I think the most important ones are there. Between the research of characters, the setting up, and the illustration itself, it took me about 50 hours to draw the cat team and 70 hours for the dogs.

Let me introduce you to my hippo, fox, wolf, tiger, cat, and dog teams! Also, you can find my previous post featuring more pop-culture characters by clicking here!”

More: Linda Bouderbala, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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