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The Misuse of Artificial Intelligence for Celebrity Concrete Eating Images


Rather than harnessing the incredible potential of artificial intelligence for practical purposes, some individuals have chosen to create images of celebrities eating concrete.

h/t: sadanduseless


The peculiarities of these images, however, have raised questions among observers. For example, AI models depicting Will Smith eating things have made him look like someone on the verge of starvation. Additionally, Kanye West’s decision to eat a brick seems perfectly in character, while Donald Trump’s purported endorsement of concrete as a delicious food is a bizarre and unsettling development.


While the use of AI for artistic expression and humor is not inherently problematic, the creation of images that degrade and humiliate celebrities is a misuse of this technology. It is essential to consider the ethics of such content and the impact it may have on those depicted, as well as the broader implications for AI development and usage. We should strive to use artificial intelligence to better humanity rather than indulge in senseless and potentially harmful pursuits.


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