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Artist Illustrates Well-Known Thriller Movies As Vintage Cartoons

The Shining

Sarah Sumeray is a digital artist working on Procreate, specialising in vintage comic book illustration and retro rubber hose cartoon-inspired pieces.

“I’m an artist based in London creating retro comic-inspired art and pop culture reimagined as vintage cartoons. My work aims to feature all you’d expect from aged kids’ comics – including faded halftones, paper folds and tears. All my work is created digitally and is influenced by the many comics taking over my home.” – Sarah Sumeray

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Nightmare On Elm Street

“Over the years I have explored a number of mediums and styles – from life drawing with charcoal, to surrealist art using acrylics and oils. I’ve always had an admiration of vintage art styles and it was only in the last few years when I discovered digital drawing, that I was really able to explore that further. Digitally-created art gets a bad rap in the art world but it allows you to take your imagination so much further… with none of the mess!

A fun fact about me not related to my art: I used to be a magician!”


“When it comes to influences, I take inspiration mostly from old comics. One particular illustrator that a number of my pieces are influenced is Dan Decarlo – a fantastic cartoonist who developed the iconic look of the Archie Comics. I also take inspiration from old rubber hose cartoons, particularly those created by the legendary Max Fleischer. As you can tell, I love horror films and some of his cartoons from the 1920s and 30s were like fantastic fever dreams. Watch Betty Boop: Snow White and you’ll know what I mean!”


“The most challenging part of the creative process for me is being able to capture the essence of what I’m recreating, whilst producing it in a completely new style… but I love it! What I enjoy the most is working on the details to make my art look as authentically aged as possible.”


“It’s satisfying being able to recreate something from a bygone era and give it a whole new twist that’s relevant to the modern age. I think people get a kick out of seeing a segment of their childhood brought to life in that way. I have a few private commissions lined up and also a fun project that I’ve been helping out with for a band that I love, so that’s exciting!”




Donnie Darko


An American Werewolf In London


The Exorcist

Twin Peaks


The Black Phone


Twin Peaks

Archive 81

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

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