Amazing Vintage Photo Portraits of Nina Payne, The Dancer Who Was Ahead of Her Time – Design You Trust

Amazing Vintage Photo Portraits of Nina Payne, The Dancer Who Was Ahead of Her Time


Nina Payne was a dancer who performed in vaudeville, cabaret and modernist shows. She was born in Indiana in 1890 and moved to New York in 1910.

She became famous for her courage and style, wearing costumes and accessories that were ahead of her time. She traveled to Paris in 1921 and stayed there for two years, becoming a star of the Folies Bergere. She then divided her time between Europe and the United States, appearing in various cities and venues. She retired from dancing in the early 1930s and married Charles A. Bostwick. She was a pioneer of dance and fashion, and deserves to be remembered as one of the most original and innovative dancers of her time.



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