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Exploring the Geometric Elegance of Joseph Binder’s Vintage Posters

Joseph Binder 1

Joseph Binder, a Vienna-born graphic designer and painter, founded Wiener Graphik in 1924. Gebrauchsgraphik, a leading German design magazine, showcased his work. Natural images depicted in geometric forms and flat colors defined his Viennese work.

h/t: vintag.es

Joseph Binder 2

After lecturing at the Chicago Art Institute and Minneapolis School of Art in the early 1930s, Binder focused on the US. Throughout the 1930s, Binder’s posters in New York and Tokyo exhibitions boosted his international reputation. His Vienna studio closed in 1938, two years after he moved to the US.
Binder’s streamlined images and vibrant colors were renowned. Posters for the 1939 New York World’s Fair, Army Air Corps, and American Red Cross are among his most famous. Retirement in 1963 allowed him to paint.

Joseph Binder 3

While installing his 1972 Vienna painting exhibition, Binder died of a heart attack. Below are Joseph Binder’s vintage posters.

Joseph Binder 4
Joseph Binder 5
Joseph Binder 6
Joseph Binder 7
Joseph Binder 8
Joseph Binder 9
Joseph Binder 10
Joseph Binder 11
Joseph Binder 12
Joseph Binder 13
Joseph Binder 14
Joseph Binder 16
Joseph Binder 17
Joseph Binder 18
Joseph Binder 19
Joseph Binder 20
Joseph Binder 21
Joseph Binder 22
Joseph Binder 23
Joseph Binder 24
Joseph Binder 25
Joseph Binder 26
Joseph Binder 27
Joseph Binder 28
Joseph Binder 29
Joseph Binder 30
Joseph Binder 31
Joseph Binder 32
Joseph Binder 33

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