These Candy Cats Trying To Catch Goldfish Stuck In Jelly Are Too Good To Eat

Even in candy form, cats just can’t help but be themselves. These little kitties can’t wait to get their paws on the delicious goldfish that swim in this jelly cube.

Tokyo-based mother and daughter duo, of Caroline and Laura’s Tea Break, are behind these adorable cat treats that are just too cute to eat.

“Mmmm… fish.”

Caroline and Laura’s other delectable offerings include cats that pop out of doughnuts…

… And feline pancake sandwiches.

This fluffy cake looks absolutely delicious.

If we were sitting on a sugary doughnut we’d be happy, too.


The inspiration for all these wonderful feline desserts is an eight-year-old domestic short-haired cat, Apelila (which means April in Hawaiian). And it’s not hard to see how — she’s adorable!

For more baking delights and to learn how to make your own, visit Caroline and Laura’s Tea Break blog.

Via Pulptastic

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