Butterfly Cup: The Highly Innovative All-In-One Disposable Hot and Cold Drinks Cup that Eliminates Plastic Lids & Straws

ButterflyCup is the highly innovative all-in-one disposable hot and cold drinks cup that eliminates plastic lids & straws, is easy to recycle in mainstream paper recycling (along with newspaper, cardboard, etc), is Plastic-Free & prevents splashes, leaks and drips – revolutionising the drinking experience.

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ButterflyCup founder Tommy McLoughlin has solved this problem with “the world’s most environmentally friendly disposable cup.” He hopes it will “lift the lid on the eco disaster” posed by coffee cup plastic waste.

ButterflyCup can be recycled in the regular paper bin along with cardboard and ordinary paper and can be composted at home or in your food waste bin, providing consumers with a greener, more sustainable way of enjoying their favourite beverage on the go. It also biodegrades naturally if it is improperly disposed of as environmental litter.

The ButterflyCup has a patented folding design which securely closes the top of the cup and prevents splashes, leaks and drips, while allowing the consumer to drink from its inbuilt drinking spout.

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