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Cozy Crocodile Socks by Emma Bermudez

When the snow falls and the cold wind blows, you’ll need a cozy and comfortable friend to keep you warm… while he’s simultaneously eating your legs.

More: Etsy h/t: sadanduseless

That’s exactly why Emma Bermudez decided to knit these socks with textured stitch pattern across the body (designed to mimic a crocodile’s skin), raised eyes, nose bobbles, a gapping maw, and arms and legs.

You can’t actually buy the crocodile socks, however there’s a knitting pattern available on Etsy for those who are willing to make a pair of their own.

Of course the only proper way to wear crocodile socks are with a pair of crocs on your feet!

If this isn’t enough motivation to take up knitting as a hobby, then nothing will. The time to act is now! Go buy some yarn and make those long winter evenings a bit more fun!

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