“Soul-Stealing” Photos Visualize the Dependence We Have to Our Phones


Our eyes are all-too-often glued to our phones and we miss what’s going on in the world around us. The alluring and tempting images light up the screen, grabbing hold of our gaze as we’re powerless to look away. French photographer Antoine Geiger has visualized this parasitic relationship in his series called ‘SUR-FAKE’. In each of his compelling compositions, a phone and face are fused into one, as its user is absorbed into the illuminated device.


Geiger views the phone as an object that alienates our connection to the physical world. By paying attention to it, we miss spontaneous interactions with others and the beauty of the everyday. Although his photographic manipulations are alarming and, at times, grotesque, they act as a powerful reminder to put our phones away—they can’t compete with what’s going on around us.


Via My Modern Met, Laughing Squid

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