Design Crowd Issued A Challenge To Create The Worst Ad, And The Contestants Have Delivered

There’s no such thing as bad advertisement? Well… This post will put this thought to the test. The ads we’re going to show you today range from brutally honest to honestly brutal, and everything in between—they are anything but what the ad commissioners would ask for.

The people at the Design Crowd, a platform for amateur photo editors to share their works, have put their skills to the test in a contest where they had to create bad ads. The theme produced hundreds of submissions over several iterations, and we have gathered some of the best ones that we could find.

Even though the quality of these submissions is not professional by any means, remember that everyone even remotely good had to start somewhere. So feast your eyes on the bad designs, unpleasant truth, and quirky humor, and try to enjoy yourself.

More: Design Crowd h/t: boredpanda

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