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This Artist Creates A Warm Clothes For Your Cold Drones

For a mere $189 you can take your drone from maybe a little chilly to definitely toasty-warm. Wouldn’t you like to do that for your drone? If you would, San Francisco-based artist Danielle Baskin will help you. She makes the sweaters for drones and many other things.

More info: Drone Sweaters (h/t: theverge)

Baskin includes advice on how to pick out clothes for your drone. Her first piece of advice is regarding fabric choice:

“While wool is very warm and one of the best insulating materials, take into account how often it will need to be washed, and whether it will make your drone more uncomfortable due to itching. A good blend of washable wool and cotton or acrylic may be the best bet.”

“Second, just as you would measure your own neck, chest and waist before buying a piece of clothing, measuring your drone is the best way of assuring the best fit.”

“It almost goes without saying, but we will mention it anyway, drones cannot, or should not, wear pants — only sweaters and jackets.”

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