A Brilliant Idea For How To Find Your Kids Quickly In Case They Get Lost In A Crowd


Summer is officially here and many parents are taking their kids to amusement parks, local fairs, festivals, and other popular places. However, keeping kids safe at events where there are thousands of people can be a real challenge for any parent. Cherise McСlimans, a mom and an active blogger, came up with a simple yet effective idea on how to find your little ones if they get lost or separated from you in a large crowd.

h/t: brightside


“I was thinking, you know, what would be a good way to keep Ana (my daughter) safer? What if she somehow slips out of my fingers and I lose her amongst the crowd? Now I’m very good at watching my daughter and keeping her with me at all times, but a mom worries all of the time!” – says Cherise on her website.


“All you need is a fine point sharpie or sharpie-like pen, write “if lost call” and your phone number, then put some liquid bandaid on top, let it dry and you have a water proof temporary tattoo that should last for about a day.”


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