Autonomous And Fully Connected BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 Motorcycle


The BMW motorrad ‘VISION NEXT 100′ concept motorcycle completes the german automotive brand’s centenary celebrations and stands as the ultimate riding experience. Referencing their origins, the BMW motorrad ‘VISION NEXT 100’ concept features a black frame triangle that was influenced by their ‘R32’ motorcycle, which was made in 1923. Its design has been reinterpreted as more of a functional sculpture that links the front and rear wheels with a dynamic sweep. this single, flowing frame is a clean surface, without any visible bearings and joints, and helps create a naked bike form from its side view. named ‘flexframe’, the construction aids steering by allowing light changing of direction and high rigidity when at top speeds.

More info: BMW (h/t: designboom)


The concept introduces modern technologies with the analogue riding experience of motorcycles, creating a completely new result. Autonomous elements are a key part of this, intelligently connecting the rider, bike and outside world in a combination that offers a unique sense of freedom matched with safety. Its self-driving features, and its self-balancing system, anticipate what lies ahead and alerts the user when specific action is needed. As a result, they offer complete rider protection, removing the need for helmets and body protection.



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