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These Trainers Are Controlled By An App That Lets You Customize Them Whenever You Fancy


Shiftwear is a fashion startup that wants to change the idea of customisable clothing. Rather than just offering a nice bit of kit with your name embroidered on the side, they want customers to be able to endlessly change their product to match their tastes.

So they’ve created the Shiftwear Classic – a trainer with a screen that displays whatever design you fancy. You can even choose an animated graphic, so you can walk around with gifs on your feet.

Or, you can just change the colour so your trainers go with every outfit in your wardrobe. The dream.


On to all the stuff you’re thinking could be wrong with these shoes.

First off, they are indeed waterproof, so you can actually wear them out and about. The screens are also made of flexible e-paper, so they’re not delicate or uncomfortable.


They don’t need to be taken off and plugged in, either, and won’t suddenly stop showing your design midway through the day. The environmentally friendly battery charges when you take a step.

The shoes are currently in the IndieGoGo stages, but have already surpassed their funding goal. They predict the first shipment of shoes in Autumn 2016, and if all goes well they hope to expand their range to hats and then clothing.

The future is here, people.
h/t: metro

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