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The Women’s Motorcycle Exhibition

Lanakila MacNaughton is a Portland based photographer and motorcyclist. Involved in many outdoor sports from a young age, Lana began documenting her experiences through photography. After developing a passion for motorcycles in her early twenties, she started documenting many facets of motorcycle culture through her lens. Lana shoots in medium format on a Hasselblad CM.

“I created The Women’s Motorcycle Exhibition to document the new wave of modern female motorcyclists. I want to reveal the brave, courageous and beautiful women that live to ride. The show is a vehicle which promotes a new perception of female empowerment and inspires an independence and liberation through motorcycling. The Women’s Motorcycle Exhibition is a traveling show. I hope to help discover and present female riders from all different communities, riding backgrounds, styles, and influence connectivity amongst riders from these different areas. I want to change the way women are peceived not only in the motorcycle world but society in general. I invite different communities and venues to host the photo exhibit to aid in this discovery. I hope to promote and present, the freedom, independence, excitement and personalities’ of “the born to be free” woman motorcyclists.” – Lanakila MacNaughton.

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