Mesmerizing DIY Floar Curtains

Photo by Ivan Solis

According to an author: “This DIY is a reduce, reuse, recycle project at it’s best. Remember our beloved floral christmas tree? After a few months of looking at all those flowers and thinking about the good ole days we finally figured out a way to repurpose them so they could be on display in the studio all year.”

h/t: designlovefest

Photo by Ivan Solis

“This project was surprisingly easy. We had to custom make our sheer curtains due to the unusual size of the windows but ready made versions are easy to find to fit most residential spaces. Once you have sheers and your faux florals all you need is a pair of scissors and some high quality craft glue.”

Photo by Ivan Solis

“The key to this project is to try to make the backside of the flowers as flat as possible so that they adhere well to the curtain. Using scissors just clip the area where the stem had been connected as flat as you can but making sure to leave the end of the plastic piece. In some instances it is helpful to add a little glue to the remaining plastic part so that the petals all stay together. Then just glue, glue glue. we started by glueing the large flowers first and then added smaller and smaller flowers along the way to create the sense of the flowers falling into a pile at the bottom.”

Photo by Ivan Solis

Photo by Ivan Solis

Photo by Ivan Solis

Photo by Ivan Solis

Photo by Ivan Solis

Photo by Ivan Solis

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