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Russian Designers Make The First DIY Anti-Coronavirus Cardboard Mask With A Replaceable Filter

Introducing BUMASK, a foldable cardboard mask with replaceable filter and defense against excessive viral load. Reduces the risk of coronavirus respiratory invasion and spreading through through close contact.

BUMASK can be easily made at home or printed in a neareby shop. Doesn’t require technical skills, extremely fast to produce anywhere in the world. Filter replacements can be made of available materials. Standart recycling as cardboard waste. Distributes through open file access with instruction or as a printed product through delivery services, transport etc.

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According to Evgeny Maslov, a designer behind the BUMASK prokect: “After coming to Moscow for a few days on March 2020, I ended up having to stay for weeks. First, because of quarantine, then because of flight cancellations. After that, I made conscious choice to act and put all my knowledge to use. That lead me to the open non commercial project-lab whose main goal to put together the power and knowledge of the lead designers for the quick creation of both design strategies of necessary objects which can greatly benefit society and provide designs to manufacturers in critical situations.”

Such a simple result is the result of a hard work. The design construction of the mask took about two weeks. About 6 different variations of the mask where designed and 3D printed until the situation escalated and totally changed the concept – we needed a mask to distribute as quick as possible. A few plastic foldable masks were designed. We had to rethink the simplicity and availability once again. Thus based on a 3D model, we developed a new BUMASK design which is both the fastes and cheapest to produce. In total about 30 prototypes where manufactured and about 40 hours spent on the mask.

Every day, every house, and every person is important. Sometimes we are lulled into thinking that everything can be found, bought and delivered, but this is a mistake. A mistake of a people who are used to everything, think they know everything, and are prepared for everything. But the world around us has changed and we are to know it anew. Understand and create everything together, each according to his talent and skills.

No matter what happens, we are understand that now is the time for the strong to help weak. That is why we opening the project for anyone who’s interests match its project.

If you are representative of a bank, post office, or delivery service and you highly value people. If you are ready to manufacturing, pay for manufacturing, deliver, or distribute. If you understand the importance of sharing information about the project, its design, thoughts and creators, please contact us.

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